Coolest lunch box ever: the PlanetBox!

As I was making my kids lunches for school this morning, I thought about the fact that I haven’t yet shared one of my favorite purchases EVER:  the PlanetBox lunch box.

I’m just going to mention here that I am no way affiilated with PlanetBox at all, and paid my own money for our four Planet Box Rovers.  I just love the product THAT much, and honestly, we get asked about it constantly whenever we use it.  My kids have the lunch aids come over and ooh-and-ahh over their lunches EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  So, here it is!

PlanetBox Rover Lunch Box System, $59.95


They are pretty pricey yes, but we picked ours up on sale at Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago.  It’s basically a fun, stainless steel one piece tray-style lunch box.  Depending on which of their two models you purchase, it can come with 3 or 5 different compartments- foods don’t touch and stay neat!

Is this lunch box marketed for kids?

Yes.  The reason the Planet Box Rover is marketed for kids is that the serving sizes are a tad bit smaller than their Launch model, but my husband and I use the Rover too.  I like that you can pack more variety in your lunch, and yes, we’ve always been able to pack enough food to satisfy our adult-size hunger!

I’ll talk about the Rover since that what we’ve been using for 3 years.

This lunch box is awesome.  We use it for school and work lunches, but also picnics, trips in the car, etc.

What I love: The tray style lunch box encourages us to keep our lunches well balanced, with tons of varietyEven my picky daughter comes home with a completely empty lunch box.  Nothing gets lost at the bottom of the lunch box, and precious minutes of her too-short lunch period aren’t wasted opening packages, etc.  Plus, it’s a great choice for the eco-conscious… I have saved a ton of money not needing to buy ziploc bags!  There’s virtually nothing to throw away when lunch is done!

Here are the Specs:

  • Lunch Box: 7.5″ wide x 10″ deep x 1.5″ high
  • Carrying Case: 8.25″ wide x 2.25″ deep x 11″ high
  • Lunch box is made of stainless steel.
  • Carrying case is made from rugged, water-resistant 600-denier polyester.
  • Carrying case is insulated and includes a pocket in which to place an ice pack.
  • Lunch box features variously sized compartments to store sandwiches, fruit and veggies.
  • Lunch box comes with a big dipper and little dipper that hold wet, messy food (not liquids).
  • Exterior pocket on carrying case holds a water bottle up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • Each Planet Box includes a set of decorative magnets with our exclusive prints.

The thing that really sold me is when I read reviews written by people who have been using their Planet Box for years and years, some kids were in high school still using their Planet Boxes that they’ve had since grade school!  Also, if your kids are like mine were, and with changing tastes and interest, they want a new design on their lunch boxes every new school year – that is covered as well!  For less than $4, you can buy a new magnet theme set (made out of synthetic rubber certified free of toxins).  Everything from skateboarding and sharks, to puppies and mermaids.  There’s even a design your own!  For the adults, there are great mature choices as well.

The carrying bags are replaceable as well, currently $19.95.  Honestly, though, the carry bag is fun and more efficient (and my kids use them every day) but my husband and I don’t use them them— I just tuck the PlanetBox in a regular lunch tote I already own.

But the best part is packing the lunch (I used to dread packing lunches… who am I? lol!)

Here a lunch I packed recently for my daughter:

Planetbox lunch box

PlanetBox lunch box for my daughter

There are endless ideas on instagram and youtube!  You can search google for PlanetBox lunch ideas as well- you will be endlessly inspired!

Have a PlanetBox lunch box?  Share your lunch with us!

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